Primal Movement was created by Kris Rai nearly a decade ago. It forms the basis of his approach to pain management and optimal performance.

Primal Movement is an ethos, a way of life. It embodies a functional approach to human movement, utlising the very essence of what our bodies have spent millenia evolving to do, and bringing it into a modern, present day environment.  The human body is constantly moving, adapting, and evolving.  Humans have evolved under the demands of natural movement, whether that's hunting, gathering, fighting, building or climbing.  This physical literacy for all these movement strategies requires whole body, composite movements that have been built from the nervous system up.  This provides humans with real natural functional strength, mobility, and stability.

Through this evolutionary process, the human brain and nervous system has developed and become trained to understand a certain way to move, a natural, functional, upright, 3 dimensional way.  With this in mind, it is crucial to question the wisdom of any training method and the focus it may or may not have on movements that may only cover a fragment of what the human body can do.

It is important to understand the ability of how each person can move their body before beginning any training program.  Can they perform basic human movements such as crawling across the ground, manipulate their bodies into a basic deep squat, or use their own strength to climb, push or pull, before putting themselves into a manufactured gym environment?  The human brain recognises movements, not individual muscles and isolated exercises.  Even those who train heavy with iso-composite movements such as those used in olympic weightlifting, struggle with many of the natural human motions.  If people want to become better movers, sometimes they have to relearn what it is to actually move.

About Kris

BSc Osteopathic Medicine, FAFS, DO, ND, CP

Over the course of the last 10 years, Kris has been developing a philosophy for the treatment of pain, it’s symbiotic relationship with movement, and the combined effect that pain and movement limitations can have on sports performance.  Being an Osteopath, Naturopath and Fellow of Applied Functional Science, learning extensively about the the human nervous system, has allowed Kris to grow a wide ranging understanding of pain, human movement, and athletic performance.

Teaching at both university level and across multiple professional healthcare fields within therapy, rehabilitation and training has given Kris the opportunity to deeply reflect on his ideas, philosophy and ethos.  Being in the position to be able to share his philosophy with students from all walks of the movement industry, has without doubt helped to constantly hone on improvements in his thought process, something which is forever adapting to new research and ideas from other great movement specialists out there.

Life is a continually evolving process of thought, action, change and being. Those who adapt and evolve with life, grow to be life’s pioneers.
— Anonymous

During Kris' career, he has worked within several multi disciplinary practices, owning his own clinic in Central London, before moving out to Dubai where he currently lives.  Kris headed the European Tour Performance Institute clinic and rehabilitation team at Jumeirah Golf Estates, home to the Race to Dubai, the final of the European Tour golf season.  Alongside working in clinical practice, Kris continues to develop the educational aspect of his work.  He wants to further educate these excellent therapists and trainers in their understanding of human movement, help more effectively resolve patients in pain, and really provide elite athletes with movement and treatment programmes that will truly help them realise their goals and ambitions.


About Pavlina

BA Performing Arts, Lvl 3 Pilates & Reformer, CAFS

Pavlina has an extensive background in the understanding and optimisation of movement.  Pavlina's passion for movement began through a keen interest in dance, ranging from ballet to contemporary to jazz. Taking this passion forward, Pavlina received a BA in Dance and Performing Arts, and began working as a professional dancer touring choreographing and teaching with several dance companies throughout the UK.

Pav profile.jpg

Through her passion and continuing desire to further understand movement, Pavlina has studied with the Gray Institute in the USA, undertaking the Certification of Applied Functional Science (CAFS). This has provided Pavlina the opportunity to develop a more functional approach to movement, and as a result, has allowed her to combine this functional mind set with her creative mindset.


Always keen to learn more, Pavlina regularly attends workshops ranging from yoga, Acro, Gymnastics, and anything else where she can challenge herself to learn new skills. Pavlina is focused on creating her own individual training methods for dancers and non-dancers, a reflection of her experience as a dancer, a break dancer, ballet dancer, strength and conditioning and functional movement specialist. Pavlina wants to share the skills she has learnt, her passion for dance and movement, and combine these passions with music.

Since then, Pavlina gained her qualification as a level 3 pilates instructor with the Pilates Institute. Pavlina then went on to receive her qualification in reformer essential and progressive training with J pilates institute. Over the last few years, Pavlina has been working with Tempo Pilates, utilising the Tempo Pilates method to great affect.

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth
— Martha Graham