Natural movement & optimal performance share a symbiotic relationship in pain and performance.  Viewing the human body from functional 3 dimensional perspective, biomechanically, neurologically & metaphysically, allows us to build effective treatment, exercise rehabilitation and training strategies for our patients and athletes.

Kris Rai is a UK qualified Osteopath, naturopath, lecturer & movement coach.  After many years of self discovery, learning more and more about the power of human movement and health, Kris developed the ethos behind Primal Movement.  Growing up and studying in London and then moving to Dubai, has taken him on a path and on a journey to try to create an ethos that can help change the physical therapy and movement industry through the work he does with his patients and athletes.


Pavlina Haralambous, has a broad level of expertise.  Pavlina is a UK trained Pilates instructor, yoga afficianado, former contemporary dancer, who has recently trained with the Gray Institute in the US, becoming certified in Applied Functional Science.  Pavlina has a unique approach to movement through her vast experience and history of learning various different kinds of movement forms.  Pavlina has created her own methodology of strength and movement conditioning, integrating principles of Pilates, Yoga, Applied Functional Science, dance and Strength and Conditioning.  Natural movement principles form the foundation of Pavlinas own training and the work she does with her clients. 

Learn avidly, question repeatedly what you have learned. Analyze it carefully, then put what you have learned into practice intelligently
— Confucius